The origins of the company date back to 1949 in Carugate during the early years of the post-war reconstruction, thanks to the initiative of its founder Carlo Castelli who established his direct and individual work program within the furniture sector.
Therefore the company was founded in the most difficult years during which our country was experiencing great hardship requiring courage, willingness, determination and very clear ideas in order to be able to start a company from scratch.
Carlo Castelli
In 1973 , Carlo's son Piero started to work alongside his father and to carry out his work; he consolidated and widened the production range by collaborating with several architecture firms, starting his early works for the foreign market.
In 2002, together with his wife Rita, he established the new Castelli headquarters in Cernusco sul naviglio and subsequently, both their daughter Barbara and son Massimo joined the company to develop the creative and technical design aspects of the business.
The new company was set up with the aim of fully satisfying increasing market demands and to reach the most satisfactory technical-qualitative level while, at the same time, maintaining the highest standards of craftsmanship.
Today, by using a combination of industrial equipment and the collaboration of expert architects and designers, castelli has become a company highly specialised in the design and creation of made-to-measure furniture for villas, shops, restaurants, offices,hotels, stands and much more.
The experience that we have gained over the years allows us to be able to create increasingly more complex, complete and important projects also in new high-growth markets.